Nick Crimmen

Skills: BA Graduates Showcase

Freelance Illustrator, Animator & Character Designer

Also available on Vimeo, Weebly, Twitter, Tumblr

Graduated in: 2014

About: Nick Crimmen is a graduate of the University of the West of England, where he graduated with a first class degree in the field of Animation.

So far in his career Nick has worked as an Animator, Character Designer, Illustrator, Producer, Director, Background Artist, Graphic Designer, Flash Animator, Spine Animator, Asset Builder, Character Builder/Rigger, Rotoscope Animator, Subtitler and Colour Artist. He is currently an animator at Funko Animation Studios, Bath.

When he’s not working Nick enjoys swimming, watching Doctor Who, dancing to vinyl, gardening and beating his friends at kart games (Crash Team Racing undefeated champion!) He is also fascinated by wildlife and in particular fish and sea creatures.