RTS Bristol Student Awards WIN! ‘Moonbird’ by Roos Mattaar

Our warmest congratulations to Roos Mattaar for her win in the Student Animation category in the Royal Television Society Bristol Awards 2014 with ‘Moonbird’.

In Roos’ own words:

The ideas for the story of ‘Moonbird’ came after I built the metal bird armature in my 2nd year. I built the miniature set, animated the bird and used green screen and live action footage of myself to combine it all digitally. This meant I could really challenge myself in many areas. I love the handmade magic of stop motion, and incorporating digital technology opens up many possibilities without the need of a big budget and crew.

“Moonbird” by Roos Mattaar

I feel very lucky to have studied at UWE, where I had a great time using the fabrication facilities and learning to work with metal, wood, casting and mould making. Many valuable skills which I have been able to apply in model making jobs already. The help with story development and feedback and support in all areas have been invaluable. At UWE I felt the ‘industry’ was very close from the very start. After graduating I have done an internship at animation studio A+C which was part funded through the UWE intern scheme and continued working on various stop motion projects in the UK.

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