BBC Listening Project: works by our students on the BBC website

Three great animations from our students are available to view on the BBC website, as part of the #ListeningProject

“Do you know what I miss in Jamaica?”

Directed and Animated by our BA Animation 3rd year student, Jenny Harrington

“I was really drawn to the theme of memories in this conversation and the way the characters described Jamaica so vividly even though their memories are from so long ago. I looked at a lot of Jamaican patterns and colours as inspiration for all the painted textures I made. I wanted to make their memories equally as vibrant compared to their lives now in Cardiff. Being a food lover myself I can’t imagine what it was like for them trying to adapt to a more western way of consuming food.”

“What do you think of me?”

Animated by our BA Animation 3rd year student, Joe Felton

“A sense of longevity initially drew me to this conversation between brothers, Bub and Tun, which seemingly took an entire lifetime to occur, but when it does it feels like they already knew how each other would answer. I believe it was difficult for them to open up in this way to each after a lifetime of hard work side by side. I used the screen as a tool to reflect their relationship. I choose bears as they conjure up thoughts of family and loyalty, suiting the warmth in their accents. When animating I focused on the eyes, I also wanted to let the silences speak and not to over animate conversation.”

“I found it very difficult to leave home for nearly a year…”

Animated by our BA Animation 2015 graduate, Stephanie Cave

“Marion and Ann’s story stood out to me as soon as I first heard them talking, you get a real sense of the strength of their friendship and how they will be there for one another no matter what. Their voices have a real charm and I could immediately picture a place where they would sit and talk.”

You can view all the animations on the BBC’s Listening Project website