‘The Mechanical Waltz’ by our graduate, Julien Dykmans

Julien Dykmans is our 3 Month Animation Course graduate — he just released his award-winning short film called ‘The Mechanical Waltz’. You can watch the film here:

Summary: The Mechanical Waltz is a story of puppets living in a totalitarian world. They are destined to enact the same routine, controlled by their masters. But today is the day that frees them from the mechanical quotidian, and releases them into a beautiful waltz of freedom.

Directed by: Julien Dykmans

Soundtrack by: Amaury Bernier

Image by Julien Dykmans

About Julien: Julien Dykmans is a 31 year old belgian Graphic Designer. He has been working in the field of advertising and in the movie industry for the last 8 years. In 2006 he completed his first short film, The Way of Hope, which he wrote, directed and animated. Wanting to further pursue this creative avenue, he decided to embark upon a second journey in animated film by directing The Mechanical Waltz.

Visit Julien’s website: dykmans.be

And the film’s website: lavalsemecanique.com

Image by Julien Dykmans

••• Best Animation (Sound & Image Challenge Festival 2015, Macau) •••
••• Best in Event (Sound & Image Challenge Festival 2015, Macau) •••
••• Mejor animación (Cine Petiso, Argentina) •••
••• Special Jury Mention (Festival Cinérail, France) •••
••• BeTv Award (Le Court en dit Long, France) •••
••• 3° Mejor Cortometraje (Cine de lavilla Maria del Triunfo, 5minutos5, Perou) •••
••• FedEx Award (BIFFF Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Belgium) •••

Image by Julien Dykmans